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Intelligent assessment

Use advanced AI algorithms to intelligently evaluate your speaking level, help you discover and improve your weaknesses, and no longer blindly simulate exams.

Real-time feedback

After completing the mock test, the system will immediately give targeted suggestions to help you quickly discover problems in pronunciation, pronunciation, fluency, etc., saving valuable study time.

Rich question bank

Covering various topics such as personal experience, social hotspots, cultural customs, technological development, etc., comprehensively prepare for the IELTS speaking test.

Personalized learning

Based on your oral performance and needs, we will provide you with exclusive learning content and suggestions to help you improve your oral skills in a targeted manner.

Examiner's suggestion

Every mock test is an opportunity to learn. I will carefully analyze your oral expression and provide targeted suggestions and guidance to help you overcome difficulties and make faster progress.

During our mock exam, I will stimulate your creativity and let you show your unique way of thinking and expression. Believe in yourself, dare to show your uniqueness, I believe you will stand out in the IELTS speaking test!

I will comprehensively evaluate your oral expression, identify problems and give specific suggestions for improvement. I believe that you can overcome difficulties and achieve excellent results. Persevere, success will be yours!

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